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After much deliberation - and having to turn down many good pieces in the name of non canon based work - I have decided to allow non canon submissions into the new "Non Canon" folder.

Please make sure to submit to this group if you wish to submit non canon material - otherwise it will be turned down. (As so that I do not have to go in and manually change folders)

NOTE:  Elricest and overtly R rated material is still not being accepted.
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Subfoldered for specific categories and pieces that didn't accept invite


NOTE: Please read full guidelines before submitting. ALL submissions submitted to the wrong folder will be ignored even if they meet the submission guidelines!!! I do not wish to manually move each wrongly submitted category to its rightful folder.

Welcome to Fullmetal Spotlight! - a group dedicated to showcasing the more advanced forms of fan art for FMA. This gallery is designed to provide quality of quantity, showing the best of the FMA universe while keeping in character. Fullmetal Spotlight is an extension of FMA as a canon product with the allowance of AU situations! Please come in, and enjoy!

In the near future once more members arrive, the group will also feature fun finds and news about the FMA universe like fantastic fanfictions posted on or updates on the new movie. Stay tuned and remember to watch!

Fullmetal Spotlight - Searching for the best FMA material, so you don't have to!

Aside from providing quality fan art, Fullmetal Spotlight also wants to preserve the characters and plotlines. This is a cannon group, that is also open to AU's that situationally agree with characters, well, staying in character. Truly, this a group best fit for story purists who appreciate the development path an author has chosen to lead down.

So instead of going through the whole rigmarole of how I could explain in detail the differences between AU's, OOC's, and OC's I'd much rather get to the chase on submission guidelines.

ALL artist are welcome here. whether you are a contributor or just here to watch!

Submissions will be judged on the guidelines that follow:

>Composition - good composition and interesting rendition
>Accuracy to convey the characters - proper form/perspective/proportions/character's likeness
>Canon - Does this match the character's persona? Pairings that exist or are at least possible in the way they are conveyed.

Additionally Allowed Submissions:

>AU's - AU's that stick the the general idea of the original plot and character personalities. If the situation is possible within the FMA universe, then it
is more than welcome to flourish in our AU gallery! These AU's can derive from whichever Universe that already exist whether from the Manga, 1st Anime, or Games.
A great example of situationally acceptable AU is Bluebird's Illusion and Pride!Ed.
>Pairings that situationally work. If there is a description in the info about how and why the characters have gotten paired is it more helpful and more likely to be accepted.

Non Authorized Submissions:

> OC's. Sorry about this, but OC's are not accepted into the group in order to preserve the authenticity of FMA universe.
> OOC. Out of Character submission might as well be OC's when it comes down to it. If the character is not matching their personality then are they the actual portraya lof the character?

Gallery Info:

> Featured - decided by admins
> Finished - Any finished renditions of FMA fan art that matches closely to the style of the Manga
> Rough - Any drawings/rough and unfleshed/uncolored rough pieces of work. (sketches)
> Stylized - All art done in the artist's personal style that doesn't match the original work.
> AU's - Alternate Storylines that break off from the original content and keep canon based ideas in mind
> Cosplays - High Resolution Images of Cosplay work with good composition and good representation of general photography knowledge

Final Note: Please do not be discouraged if your work does not make it into the gallery. Everyone has started from the bottom. 5 years ago when I was younger, my Zelda fan art was horrendous. Remember, we never are finished practicing!

If this group goes well, I plan to open some more fan groups dedicated to quality fanart including such topics as -

The Nintendo Universe



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katerinaaqu Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016
I you accept fanfictions?
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Hi! Just wanted to join and share:
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Hi, I submit my FMA cosplay photos in the cosplay folder, why dont acept??
RoxiiCosplay Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi, I submit my cosplay but expired, why?
Broken-Endings Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"Uh, is this group even alive still?"

I second that. is it?

I started watching it only a few months ago and there have been a few updates with new submissions, but by the time I first submitted something of my own, it's expired twice so far.
Rosey-Mae Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Uh, is this group even alive still?
Rosey-Mae Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
So, uh, how long does the approval process take? :meow:
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I recognize that fanart of Ed in your thumnbnail. Thank you :D
Jessimie Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank YOU! :D
DesignsBySloan Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hi! When a deviation isn't going to be accepted in the group, is it rejected or will it be left to expire?
I just had one expire (I submitted it a week ago at most) but I don't know if I should try and resubmit it or not.

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